Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hello My Little Lotus Blossoms!

Hello all,

Let me start by introducing myself- my name is Rachel Rose DeSimone and I have been a working as a freelance make-up artist in Southern California for six years now. I currently reside in the lovely city of Newport Beach, CA with my two dogs (Nigel & Henry) and a closet full of cosmetics.  I absolutely love what I do and thank the maker every day that I get to pay my bills by doing what I love. Seriously, even on my WORST day, I make my living doing make-up... pretty cool, right? I suppose the first post in Make-Up Land should be a bit of a mission statement, eh? This blog will consist of product recommendations, tips, tricks, trends and a behind the scenes exclusive VIP pass into my career and the world of being a working make-up artist.

If you would like to check out some of the work that I've done and am doing- feel free to check out my website or my IMDB page.

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