Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh To Be Fourteen and Gorgeous

Sometimes when I'm on set, I get truly struck by the beauty and personality of the models. I find it very impressive that many of these girls (who are mostly 14-20) years old have managed to survive, thrive and be savvy in such a tough industry. This is one of my new favorites, teenaged Tabitha from Next LA. I had the please of shooting with her last week with Angela+Ithyle. Kristen Ess rocked the hair out, my assistant Teddie Bergman was a lifesaver and as always Sarah and Sunshine CRUSHED the wardrobe styling with a very country cutie kind of vibe which absolutely played into my love for all things Nashville. We decided to go a little bit funky and non-country with the make-up- just glowing, dewy skin and a bright technicolor cat-eye. On Tabitha I used MAC Chromagraphic Pencil in Hi Def Cyan as the liner and created the cat eye my manipulating the liner with an angle brush, I also went really tight into the lashline with MAC eye pencil in Indigo just to give a little more depth to the look and make the lashes pop. Also, don't even ask what she is wearing on her lips- because it's just chapstick... that's right, this girls lips are naturally that color.

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