Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh To Be Fourteen and Gorgeous

Sometimes when I'm on set, I get truly struck by the beauty and personality of the models. I find it very impressive that many of these girls (who are mostly 14-20) years old have managed to survive, thrive and be savvy in such a tough industry. This is one of my new favorites, teenaged Tabitha from Next LA. I had the please of shooting with her last week with Angela+Ithyle. Kristen Ess rocked the hair out, my assistant Teddie Bergman was a lifesaver and as always Sarah and Sunshine CRUSHED the wardrobe styling with a very country cutie kind of vibe which absolutely played into my love for all things Nashville. We decided to go a little bit funky and non-country with the make-up- just glowing, dewy skin and a bright technicolor cat-eye. On Tabitha I used MAC Chromagraphic Pencil in Hi Def Cyan as the liner and created the cat eye my manipulating the liner with an angle brush, I also went really tight into the lashline with MAC eye pencil in Indigo just to give a little more depth to the look and make the lashes pop. Also, don't even ask what she is wearing on her lips- because it's just chapstick... that's right, this girls lips are naturally that color.

The Make Up Show Los Angeles

I'm headed to the California Market Center in lovely Downtown Los Angeles for the final day of the Make Up Show. Today (Sunday) I will be teaching a hands on airbrush workshop on behalf of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics from 3-6pm and I'll be hanging out in the booth slingin' hash, answering questions and generally believing my own hype for an hour or so beforehand. I'm looking forward to seeing everybody's smiling faces, but I am not looking forward to the gnar-gnar Academy Award traffic that always seems to envelope the city once a year- at least it's in Hollywood and fairly far away from where I am.

I was invited to come on the blogger/press preview day on Friday, where I got the pleasure of previewing some of the best products from the brands showing this year. Here are some of my favorites from the goodie bag:

Yves St. Laurent Volume Effect Faux Cils- a mini version that gets the job done.

Make Up For Ever Lab Shine- I love the lot of them, but my particular personal favorites are M4, M0, S26, S12 & D16. Lately in my personal cosmetic wardrobe I've been working out a sort of 90's throwback Mi Vida Loca nutmeg colored lip, so I love to layer S12 over MAC's Creme in Your Coffee and Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip #5C & #7C.  

I was super psyched to see this in the goodie bag.  A dear friend of mine assisted in the product development of Celebre and I played with it on set a couple weeks back and let me tell you, this stuff is like BUTTER. Goes on the skin smoothly and flawlessly and stays put. 

Lip Tars, what are those? Just kidding! If you are reading a make-up blog, you are probably already obsessed with them- as you should be. The colors are sick and the formula is even sicker. My new favorites are Trick, Interlace, Analog and Beta. 

The unsung hero of the bag. Where has this lash curler been all of my life? I never thought I'd like a curler more than my beloved Shu, but this one is better. As it turns out, Kevyn actually assisted in the product development of the Shu Uemura curler, so it makes sense that his would be of great quality as well. 

Hello My Little Lotus Blossoms!

Hello all,

Let me start by introducing myself- my name is Rachel Rose DeSimone and I have been a working as a freelance make-up artist in Southern California for six years now. I currently reside in the lovely city of Newport Beach, CA with my two dogs (Nigel & Henry) and a closet full of cosmetics.  I absolutely love what I do and thank the maker every day that I get to pay my bills by doing what I love. Seriously, even on my WORST day, I make my living doing make-up... pretty cool, right? I suppose the first post in Make-Up Land should be a bit of a mission statement, eh? This blog will consist of product recommendations, tips, tricks, trends and a behind the scenes exclusive VIP pass into my career and the world of being a working make-up artist.

If you would like to check out some of the work that I've done and am doing- feel free to check out my website or my IMDB page.