Monday, March 7, 2011

Skincare Shcmincare

I've found so often that skincare can be an afterthought for make-up artists- I know for a long time it was for me. When I was a newer artist I just carried around some generic moisturizer and that was pretty much the name of that tune. Over the past few years I've really been opening myself up to learning about and trying many different types of skincare in my kit. So I've compiled a list of things that I like to use in my kit and some new things I'm loving a lot. There are serums and oils that I love, but I'm going to just stick to what is relevant to my kit and at the end of the post I'll let you guys have a peek into my medicine cabinet and show you what I use on myself.

From left to right, top to bottom: 
1. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish- Everybody loves this stuff, great for flaky lips that need TLC.

2. MAC Fast Response Eye Cream- A quick fix for the post travel/party eyes, I also use it to sheer out Amazing Concealer.

3. Witch Hazel- Natural and hydrating toner, super basic, always in the kit. 

4. Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Intensive Vitalizing Eye Complex: A bit high-brow, but a fantastic product. I've been playing with it for a couple weeks now. 

5. Clinique City Block Sheer SPF 25: Sunblock is a must, so a nice lightweight formula that works well layered is necessary. 

6. Nude Skincare Miracle Mask: Five minutes and you've got the perfect canvas.

7. Make Up For Ever UV Prime SPF 50: A higher SPF with the added benefit of a primer. 

8. Super by Perricone Lush Lips: I know I've written about this one recently, but it really deserves all of the praise it receives

9. Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate: A cult favorite for a reason, my kit has not been without it for years. 

10. Clairol Sea Breeze Original: I carry a small bottle of this in my kit for those times when I really need a powerful toner, but I use it sparingly and with great care.

11. Embryolisse Emulsion Hydra-Mat- the BEST mattifying moisturizer, hands down. Great for film, TV and event work.

My own personal skincare routine is a little less complicated. I have a few masks and goodies that I use depending on the needs of my skin, but my life pretty much consists of the items listed below.

From left to right, top to bottom:

1. Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture: Super hydrating and absorbent, but not greasy. 

2. Ren Rose Synergy O12 Restoring Facial Serum: People are way too oil-phobic. Oil is AWESOME. This serum and it's oily goodness give that "I just got back from a relaxing vacation" glow.

3. Origins United State Skin Balancing Tonic- I've been using this for about 10 years now, easy peasy toner that keeps my combo skin fit and ready. 

4. Fresh Black Tea Perfecting Mask: Once a week or before special occasions, leave it on for 8 minutes- it's like having new skin. 

5. Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash: I'm such a fan of this exfoliating face wash, it works well and leaves skin squeaky-clean. 

6. Make Up For Ever Extreme Cleanser Dry Oil: When I really really really need to wash the day off, I start with this- it breaks down the most difficult to remove make-up and it does it quickly.

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  1. This post got me all a-twitter. I am a closet skincare junkie...with no actual cash for a proper fix, so I like to drool and make lists for the future!